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Wörgötter, Markus: Affektproband Opened Up

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The smaller-than-life-sized figures that populate the wood-paneled rooms of the Museum of Tyrolean Regional Heritage appear dark and grotesque. There are strange figures made of plaster, textile and bronze that you encounter here. Some things about them seem familiar, others seem terribly strange. What is body, what is mask, what is costume?
Markus Wörgötter's series of works “Affektproband” includes several dozen sculptures. A selection of these is shown in the exhibition of the same name in the Museum of Tyrolean Regional Heritage. The title “Affektproband” is a word created by the artist himself and describes the principle of the series. This sees plastic, in analogy to the body, as a site of forces and transformation. As “affective subjects,” these bodies seem permeable to forces that exceed the boundaries of their bodies: through their presence, the historical ambience mutates into a stage, as, alongside drawings and historical reference works, they expose the rooms as a production of the museum theater. With this in mind, Markus Wörgötter creates his own work, mostly by hand. He works as an artist, photographer and author in Vienna.


192 Seiten; 117. ills. in color
Sprache English ,Deutsch
2023 Verlag für moderne Kunst
ISBN 978-3-99153-032-9